How to Switch from Spotify Free to Premium?

Understanding the Basics

There Are Two Main Types of Spotify Subscriptions: Free and Premium The free service features advertisements and limited control of music playback, and there is a free download limit of 3,333 songs per device. By comparison, Spotify Premium removes ads, provides better audio quality at 320kbps (compared to standard 160kbps) and lets users download music to play offline.

The Perfect Premium Plan

Spotify Premium has Individual, Duo, Family, and Student plans, The one that suits the most to your needs and budgets The Individual plan runs about $9.99 a month on its own, with the two-person Duo plan and $6-person Family plan (mean for two and up to six people, respectively) providing even more value. With the Student plan, which costs half the Individual plan, users can watch Hulu (ad-supported) and SHOWTIME, but only after they've confirmed their student status.

Steps to Upgrade

Spotify Premium is easy to get into:

Sign in to your Spotify Account.

In your account settings section, you go to the subscription section.

Select ‘Get Premium’. This in turn reduces the kind of plan options available.

Select the plan which is suitable for you and fill in your payment information.

Confirm your upgrade.

So You Have All of the Features

After upgrading, you'll not only do away with interruptions, you'll be able to play any song you want - including on your mobile. Beyond that, playlist creation is a smoother experience, and you can easily connect to smart speakers or TVs.

Using Spotify Premium To The Fullest

Creating and sharing playlists, listening in high-quality streaming settings, and integrating your account with home devices are some of the steps you can take to fully experience Spotify premium. Spotify algorithm also hand-picks music to recommend to you every day through your daily music discovery.

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