From the recording ""L'Internationale Reconstruct"

John Pietaro - vibraphone, drums, lion's roar, various percussion, spoken word
Ras Moshe - tenor saxophone, bells
Rocco John Iacovone - soprano saxophone
Nicolas Letman-Bertinovic - upright bass

with special guest Nora McCarthy - vocal, spoken word
...and the found voices of Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Dalton Trumbo, VI Lenin

Prose: 'On Revolutionary Music' and 'The Crisis in Music' by Hanns Eisler

---from the CD 'THE RED MICROPHONE SPEAKS' (2013), recorded December 2012 at 17 Frost Studio, Brooklyn NY. Engineer: Natalie Scarborough. Mastered by Kramer at NoiseMiami Studio, Miami FLA


Arise ye prisoners of starvation/arise ye wretched of the earth/for justice thunders condemnation/a better world's in birth. No more/tradition's chains shall bind us/arise ye slaves/no more in thrall/The earth shall rise on new foundation/we have been nought/we shall be all/Tis the final conflict/let each stand in their place/ the Internationale shall be the human race