Press contact: New Masses Media Relations John Pietaro (646) 599-0060 VELOCITY DUO -FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- New York, NY: THE VELOCITY DUO FETE UPCOMING BERLIN PERFORMANCES WITH BROOKLYN SEND-OFF BASH Vocalist Lauren Lee and bassist Charley Sabatino, the Velocity Duo, will engage in a performance and celebration at Brooklyn’s ShapeShifter Lab on July 23 in anticipation of their August European tour. The pair are set to arrive in Berlin next month with performances August 12, 19 and 22. Other dates expected along the way. Their “music without a net” will be realized sonically and otherwise as they embark on a series of performances across the Atlantic, both planned and impromptu. The July 23 performance will demonstrate the Velocity Duo’s intimate, compelling free improv: equal parts hip jazz, avant adventure, as heard in their debut recording “Dichotomies”. "Lee’s carefree, soul-infused flights and detours into jazz scatting contrast with Sabatino’s almost claustrophobic minimalism, his steady, dancing low-register lines" – New York Music Daily While the expansive duet draws comparison to the voice/bass recordings of Sheila Jordan, the Velocity Duo is of the ‘downtown’ sound; this musical vision draws from a wealth of inspiration. Lauren Lee’s voice holds a uniquely commanding tone; her style has been referred to as “vocal instrumentalism” due to the utter lack of lyrics in this setting. Charley Sabatino’s approach to the upright bass reclaims the instrument’s natural acoustics: a dark, woody sound threaded through his tone, producing an almost harp-like timber. Lauren Lee and Charley Sabatino revitalize the voice/bass partnership. Woven through tapestries of quiet and cacophony, the Velocity Duo create a new international music for a new generation. EVENT: The Velocity Duo in concert WHEN: Thursday July 23, 2015, 7 P.M. WHERE: ShapeShifter Lab ADMISSION: $10. MORE INFORMATION: ,

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