...a voice for radical creative artists. New Masses crafts insightful public relations campaigns for Free Jazz partisans, avant ensembles, provocative playwrights, experimental composers, revolutionary writers, rad balladeers, outspoken actors, dissident dancers, inciting filmmakers and a myriad of others whose creativity is as daring as their statement. Revolutionary politics a plus. NEW MASSES MEDIA RELATIONS was founded by writer, musician and cultural organizer John Pietaro as a voice for radical creative artists. As an artist-led service, New Masses recognizes the needs of the creative community—from within. NMMR is the outgrowth of Pietaro's successful outreach on behalf of his own New York area cultural events such as the annual Dissident Arts Festival. His work in this arena has spanned the decades from the 1989 Unheard New Music concert (the Knitting Factory NYC) and the 1998 Hanns Eisler Centenary Festival (Brecht Forum NYC) as well as multiple events for May Day and progressive causes in both NYC and upstate New York. Pietaro also aided in the public relations for ‘Celebrate the Children of Resistance’ Rosenberg commemoration (2003 City Center, NYC). In 2014 he organized and publicized, the Tribute to New York Eye and Ear Control concert (Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY). Since developing the New Masses moniker, Pietaro served as publicist for: -Concerts in honor of underground Jazz icon Will Connell: The Stone, NYC, Dec 2014 and St Peter’s Church, NYC, Jan 2015. -Various acts of the Unseen Rain Records label including Sumari, the Fulminate Trio, and the 12 Houses -Unseen Rain Festival (March 12, 2015, ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn). -New music duo Velocity -Topical singer-songwriter Donald Johnson -Financing campaign for the independent documentary film ‘Profiled’ John Pietaro's articles, essays and reviews have been published in Z Magazine, the Nation, the NYC Jazz Record, Political Affairs, the People's World, All About Jazz, Counterpunch, 5th Estate, the Industrial Worker, the Socialist, Struggle and a variety of others. He also wrote a chapter in the book SDS: A Graphic History by Harvey Pekar & Paul Buhle (Hill and Wang, 2007). In 2013 Pietaro self-published Night People a book of contemporary proletarian literature, and currently is working on both a novel and an extensive history of radical arts. Pietaro’s blog: As a musician, Pietaro is a vibraphonist/percussionist performing on the new jazz circuit in New York City. He has performed and/or recorded with Karl Berger, Harmolodic Monk, Ras Moshe, Alan Ginsberg, Fred Ho, the Red Microphone, Matt Lavelle’s 12 Houses, Salim Washington, Erika Dagnino, the Flames of Discontent and many more. He has performed at such New York City spaces as the Stone, the Jazz Gallery, Town Hall, ShapeShifter Lab, the Firehouse Space, ABC No Rio, the Brecht Forum, Downtown Music Gallery, the original Knitting Factory, CBGB, Lunch for Yor Ears, and Generator as well as Woodstock NY’s Colony Café and Byrdcliffe Theatre, and the Howland Cultural Center and Quinn’s in Beacon NY. Pietaro has recorded for SLAM Productions (UK), Unseen Rain, iFAR (UK) and Arrest record labels. John Pietaro is a member of both the National Writers Union UAW Local 1981, and the American Federation of Musicians Local 802, as well as the Industrial Workers of the World. He holds an MA in Music Performance/Education and is currently studying Communications and Media. Select events organized, publicized and hosted by John Pietaro, 1989-2014: -Dissident Arts Festival, NYC (2010-13 Brecht Forum, NYC; 2014 El Taller NYC) -Tribute to New York Eye and Ear Control (June 2014, Firehouse Space, Brooklyn NY) -Drums for Warren: Benefit Concert for Warren Smith (Jan 2014, Brecht Forum NYC) -October Jazz Revolution (2012 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts, Brooklyn NY; 2013 Cornelia St Café, NYC) -Woodstock Woody Guthrie Birthday Concert (2007-2009, Colony Café, Woodstock NY) -Dissident Arts Festival, Hudson Valley NY (2006-2009, Howland Cultural Center, Beacon NY) -Phil Ochs Fest (2003 Sidewalk Café NYC; 2005-2009, Colony Café, Woodstock NY) -Made for You and Me: Tribute to Woody Guthrie (2001, Winston Unity Center, NYC) -various May Day Concerts (NYC and/or Beacon NY, 2000-2012 ) -Hanns Eisler Centenary Festival (1998, Brecht Forum NYC) -The Assembly: Concert of Unheard New Music Artists (1989, Knitting Factory, NYC) ------------------------------------ CAMPAIGNS New Masses Media Relations crafts insightful, individualized publicity campaigns for each client. General campaigns run for three months. More extensive campaigns, working to an even greater effect, will run for six months. But of course customized PR can easily be developed, suited to the specifics of the work/event; shorter one-shot campaigns can also be effective for certain kinds of events. Feel free to give a call or write to John (see Contact button) to discuss the type of public relations campaign you’d like to develop around your work or event. Services New Masses provides: -Extensive research prior to the actual start of each campaign. As New Masses is a service driven by an artist and an activist, the research will be extensive and focus on the visceral nature of the work/event. Our publicity not only appeals to the creative and/or progressive communities, it is of them. -Create a professional press release -Distribute the press release to an extensive list at the top of each month of the campaign with specific, valued targets getting more direct contacts as well. The press release will be updated with each distribution. -Over the course of the campaign New Masses will send out specialized ‘teasers’ to the media including photos and slogans created for each client’s needs. -Over the course of the campaign, New Masses will make extensive use of social media to engage in full public relations. This includes regular postings on both Facebook and Twitter, offering photos and brief bursts of data such as press quotes, slogans, quotes from others in the creative and/or progressive community. As the event being publicized draws nearer, postings will increase in frequency and intensity. -Listings for publicized event on a variety of internet calendars, print and broadcast media event calendars -Facebook event pages (and publicizing of same) -Other tactics as needed—and as is most appropriate for the client’s particular work or event being presented. ---------------------------------- New Masses Media Relations Promotional campaigns for creative artists on the Left and in the underground John Pietaro (646) 599-0060 Visit us on Twitter - Visit us on Facebook-

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